Standard Script Coverage by Tytin Productions

Standard Script Coverage

The most popular of our script coverage services, the standard coverage offers extensive notes on how to improve and polish the script. Plus you have the option to add-on a treatment. 

What You Get?

The standard script coverage includes everything in the Snapshot Coverage but offers extended notes offering detailed and extensive suggestions on what to do to improve and elevate your story, with specific examples from your story cited. 

This coverage is for the writer who wishes to see how their script would be received in the industry as well as wanting necessary feedback to improve the story and ensure commercial viability. 

Additionally, you have the option to add on a story treatment! Not everyone finds they need a treatment, so we've made it optional versus standard. Expect about 3-5 pages of notes without the treatment, and 5-7 pages if you opt for one. 

What's Included:

  • Logline
  • Industry Assessment of Script (Concept, Plot/Storyline, Characters, Dialogue, Structure, Visuals, Tone, Commercial Viability)
  • Overall Grade Mark of Script (Pass/Consider/Recommend)
  • Extensive Notes and Comments on how to improve your story and scriptwriting
  • Optional Add-On of Story Treatment
  ***Once you purchase, you will receive immediate instructions on how to submit your story for coverage.                                               You will receive your coverage notes within 14 days***