Snapshot Script Coverage by Tytin Productions

Snapshot Script Coverage

For the beginning writer, this coverage offers a general, overall review of your script and how it will be received by the industry as it stands. 

What You Get?

This coverage service includes a review of the the script as well as an assessment grade of "Recommend," "Pass," or "Consider" which is based on industry standard practices. The 2-3 pages of notes included let you know whether your script is ready to be marketed to the industry. 

This coverage service does NOT include the Treatment/Synopsis or allow for the add-on of a story treatment. 

What's Included:

  • Logline
  • Industry Assessment of Script (Concept, Plot/Storyline, Characters, Dialogue, Structure, Visuals, Tone, Commercial Viability)
  • Overall Grade Mark of Script (Pass/Consider/Recommend)
  • Basic Notes and Comments 

   ***Once you purchase, you will receive immediate instructions on how to submit your story for coverage.                                               You will receive your coverage notes within 7 days***