Screenwriting for Success - Master Class by Tytin Productions

Screenwriting for Success - Master Class

What's In the Class?

What makes a script so overwhelming to a producer that it becomes imperative that they buy it? Writing that is so vivid in its design that agents are calling you, instead of you chasing them? Characters who are so uniquely defined, so captivating in their plight, that managers are championing your work?

We have done extensive research and met with film producers and agents to discover exactly what they buy. We want to help you discover what today’s Hollywood is looking for. You’re not likely to find this information in books authored by writers who haven’t sold a script in 20 years. In fact, current books lead many writers to develop work that contradicts what producers are currently seeking!

This mentoring program will help you remedy common errors and significantly enhance the quality of your stories. Clients report improvement by at least 70 percent!

You will work step-by-step to create an idea, craft it into a story that is irresistible to a buyer, and learn how to actually get that story in front of an agent or manager.

Each of the 8 sections covers study in a key area designed to elevate your screenwriting skills and enhance your story. Together we will work through each phase to assemble the necessary pieces required to turn your script into a masterpiece.

  • Creating a Concept That Sells
Avoid the pitfalls of writing a story that isn’t commercially viable. In this session, you will learn how to create hundreds of stories from one idea, narrow it down to the best one, elevate it, and ensure its marketability—all before you begin to flesh out the story.

  • Outlining for Success
Avoid writer’s block, master filling in the gaps, solve narrative problems and heighten your story. When you learn how to add details in layers and improve the plot through multiple passes at your outline, your scriptwriting process will be straightforward and uncomplicated.

  • Crafting Memorable Characters to Engage the Audience
Get inside your characters’ heads, explore their intimate relationships, define who they are to their core, and leave lasting impressions. We’ll create believable and compelling characters who utterly engross your audience and emotionally affect them.

  • Tools to Grasp Your Reader
Use simple yet powerful techniques to astonish your audience and keep them in suspense. These tools will elevate and improve your story conflicts while employing compelling words to paint a stunning picture. You will become versed in conveying what’s in your head on to paper in the most concise, yet potent, way possible.

  • Using Subtext to Elevate Your Story
Learn the most challenging—yet crucial—art of subtext. Writers who can elegantly convey their characters’ thoughts, moods and words using this technique have an advantage over others. Learn how to effectively utilize subtext in your story to give your words greater significance.

  • Crafting Vivid Dialogue They’ll Remember
Learn to make everything your characters say sound natural. Individualize them in the story, and allow them to influence the dialogue. Through the consistent use of various techniques, you will never struggle to write captivating dialogue again.

  • Mastering Openings and Endings
The first 10 pages of your story are the most important, and the ending must leave a lasting impression that is gratifying and unforgettable to your audience. Together we’ll draw them in on page one, necessitate their desire to keep turning the pages, and leave them breathless after the words Fade Out.

  • Marketing Yourself and Your Scripts
You’ve worked to write an amazing and compelling story. Now what? We’ll work to create marketing materials that will give you the breakthroughs you need to open doors and be successful.

How it Works

Just like taking a college course, you will learn a new skill/technique daily and apply what you learned to your writing. There is no grade, but you will be challenged to write every day. Each skill you learn builds upon what you learned previously, strengthening your quality and professionalism.

Imagine if you could learn the techniques to create a marketable script, had a coach walk you step-by-step through the process, offer feedback, and let you keep all the rights to your masterpiece! At the end of our time together, you will write the best script of your life so far, and we’ll even show you the best possible ways to get it sold!

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" I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is serious about wanting to learn screenwriting!"
Jennifer Weir, Published Author
"This is the new screenwriting bible that I'll be using for years and years to come!"
Charles Brooks, Film Producer