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Please take a look at many of the frequently asked questions we receive. If you don't see an answer to your specific question, please don't hesitate to reach out!
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How can we help you?

Tytin Productions is a full-service film and video production company based in Dallas, TX. We have the ability to produce films at any level of cost or complexity. 

We strive to be accessible to filmmakers and production crews of any size if possible. To this end, we can act as a co-producer, production services company, or both! It's our intention to offer our services to ANY filmmaker who wants to use Tytin Productions as a base for their entire production. With a team comprising 15+ years of experience in every aspect of film and video production from pre-production through post, you're in expert hands with us!

Are You Hiring?

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our family here at Tytin, whether as an internal team member or as one of our valuable network of resources in which we contract for projects. If you're interested in submitting an application, please submit your resume and or film reel to

Do you work with low budgets?

Yes! At Tytin Productions, we are passionate about film and want only the utmost quality and success for everyone in the indisutry! Due to the amazing ease it is today to create your own media projects, too often we see films which suffer when they really could have shined. It's difficult enough to be noticed amidst the sea of other films out there, but when a film has predictable plots, cliche dialogue, and substandard production quality - you don't have a chance. 

With our extensive knowledge of story design, production management, and film shooting -- not to mention our expertise in working with unions -- we can give your media project the extra polish it needs to stand out from the pack. 

We pride ourselves on being able to offer full-service productions with flexibility regarding budget, cost, and complexity. Because we offer services in producing, co-producing, or just consulting with you regarding your project and the necessary crew for its success. We can work with you and your delegated associates to clean up your script dialogue, elevate the story, break down the script, budget your production and provide a financial roadmap, help staff and/or cast the production, provide reports and contracts, and more! let us know what your requirements and needs are, and Tytin productions will do everything it can to not only meet those requirements but exceed them. 

In fact, we have a special rate if you're a college film student! Reach out to us and see what we can do for you!

Why should I take a class offered by Tytin Productions?

We really want to help those who are serious about elevating their craft to the next level. With more than 15 years of industry experience, and countless conversations with Hollywood producers and agents, we know what's selling and in demand. We understand story and how it works, and we know how to pull a performance out of any actor no matter their experience level. At Tytin Productions, we have a true love and passion for filmmaking, scriptwriting, and the film industry - both Independent and Hollywood - and we want to help everybody who has that same passion reach their dreams!

But too often aspiring filmmakers are not industry trained, or have read outdated books on the subject. Worse, many colleges that offer a filmmaking program don't support the students after graduation and often teach a more independent style and approach to the process. When graduate students get an opportunity to work on a large production or Union project, they're often overwhelmed and unprepared for the job. 

We often hear complaints in Texas that California gets all the work. Even when a project is being shot in Texas, often times production companies still fly in industry professionals from California (crew and actors) instead of utilizing local talent. This is because most crew members trained at USC or UCLA which have programs 100% dedicated to specific industry jobs. Their program even has a masters class on cinematography, directing, or screenwriting where you focus on mastering that specific talent. 

The independent market too often has individuals wearing too many hats instead of focusing on one craft. Additionally, often creative are the producer, the director, the writer, and the editor! This is because of a desire to control every aspect of production, and often the productions suffer as a result. 

This is how Tytin Productions can help you! Our classes are industry standard accepted, and oftentimes expected! We want to help you tell a story that captures an audience so you get noticed. We yearn to teach you how to obtain amazing and "truthful" performances from your actors. We aim to help you have a stronger, more cohesive, professional, and thus productive film set! 

Take one of our classes today and take your professional skills to the next level! We guarantee you and your audiences will see the difference!

What can I expect if I hire Tytin Productions to manage my film project?

For any project - feature, TV, or independent - our budgeting, scheduling, and management services ensure your film is production ready! You'll know if you are where you need to be before important financial decisions are made. For independent filmmakers, this service is critical to ensure your project is viable for financing. An expert plan created by seasoned industry professionals is key to moving your project from initial pages to final screen. Tytin has the experience, knowledge, and background to provide you with exemplary advice on how to best stretch your budget and put amazing production value on screen -- even when major funding may not be accessible. 

All-the-while, we ensure that production runs according to schedule, keeping you informed each step of the way with with consistent daily communication. We manage the production schedule, budget, and production team utilizing industry-standard scheduling software that includes Day-Out-Of-Days, Cast Lists, and Locations Lists. Taking into account all major considerations from location availability to actors' needs, we will work closely with you to create a viable schedule that precisely reflects the needs of your project. We also provide your film an entire financial roadmap! You're provided with a full, detailed breakdown of all elements required - actors, extras, locations, camera, stuns, electric, grips, props, set dressing, wardrobe, sound, music, and much more!

Lastly, we deal with any problems that may arise during any phase of production, from planning to completion. This allows production to always be moving forward with important issues handled swiftly and professionally. We also ensure that insurance, health, and safety rules as well as copyright laws and union agreements are adhered to. SAG/AFTRA union laws can be difficult and confusing, leading to many accidental mistakes. You don't want your film to wind up in limbo due to missteps and mismanagement which Tytin Productions will ensure never happens!

***Tytin Productions strives to be accessible to filmmakers and production crews of any size. As each project can be different in regard to length, complexity, budget, location and needs, you may find you don't require a complete management package. We can consult with you regarding your needs and tailor a custom package. Contact us with your project specifications for a free cost estimate***